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 Virtual Open Garden Fundraiser for


On the weekend of May 2,3 Martin and Lynne Clarke are opening their garden and studios at Blackwood, Coombe to raise funds for UTEA. It was planned to be opened as part of the Wotton Spring Gardens & Open Studios event, now postponed until 2021, a major blow to UTEA finances. The opening will by necessity be 'virtual' but they are keen that as many people as possible pay a visit.


The programme will include:


They will also be selling plants by the roadside. Already they have raised over £600 by donations and plant sales.


Please support the event by buying plants, tuning in to the events, and taking a walking tour to include Coombe. Donations can be made here:


A full programme will be also be put onto and the usual Facebook pages.


We also welcome donations of plants of all types - please take them direct to Blackwood.


Thank you to all who have donated after two previous FB postings Diane French, Pippa Marrow, Jan Baber, Stella Bond, Martin Clarke, Donata de Reus, Rhona Cowell, Ali Lidbetter, Rob Garlicki, Ivars Reynolds, Mim Tait, Terri Kinnison, Sue Creeper, Kay Tily, Louise Hale, Polly Holloway, Ben Bennett, John Cook, Andy Guy, Sarah Watt.

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