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The Joy of Improvised Singing


I was lucky enough last July to pick upon the work of Jenni Roditi. For some years Jenni has been developing her teaching and practice of improvised singing. She has diversified in lockdown into a range of online sessions. I cannot praise her enough. She is a great teacher with a tolerant, good humour and generates a trusting and supportive atmosphere amongst participants. Her skills, experience and philosophy are set down at current choirs, online sessions and other projects are signposted here


I invite you to try improvised singing. 


Here is a piece on Yuri Gagarin that I recorded on Sunday 11 April at the Vocal Tai Chi session on the 60th anniversary of his orbiting the earth. It was completely improvised with just a short list of words to draw on. Thanks to Jenni Roditi for permission to post. 

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